Weight Loss Stats and Measurements

This is a record of my weight loss (W) and inches lost (I) post-op:

Starting weight before surgery: 322.0 lb. Prior to surgery I lost 22lbs.

Weight on day of surgery: 300.0 lb

Starting weight after surgery: 312.0 (often times you will gain weight while in the hospital due to i.v. fluids and gas pumped into the abdomen.)

Total weight loss to date is 74.3 pounds, which includes 10lbs lost pre-op. The record below is of post-op weight loss only.

Month 1 (Jan. 2012)~ -30lbs lost (W), Did not take measurements at this point.

Month 2 (Feb. 2012)~ -10.2lbs lost (W), -16 inches lost total from arms, bust, hips, waist, thighs and neck (I)

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's all about the flavor!

I am so excited that I am now feeling a bit better. I realize that I will have good days and bad days, and that is ok! It appears that some swelling has gone down in my sleeve (new stomach)as I am up to 2 full ounces of food with no discomfort...woohoo!! I am up to about 400 calories per day which includes 2 protein shakes that have 15 grams of protein each. The shakes are 100 calories, lactose free Muscle Milk Shakes. But on to the "good stuff"!

Thanks to advice given to me by a good friend, I am choosing to focus on what I can eat rather than what I can't. Sounds simple enough but I wasn't doing that. I have been focused on what is missing or gone from my meals and that type of thinking will not help me reach my goal. I have been on a mission to be creative with what I choose to eat. One of my favorites is shrimp with a dash of cocktail sauce. I am on the puree stage of my post op eating plan and I made sure with the dietician that shrimp was an acceptable protein choice at this point and it is definitely ok as long as its run through the blender. I simply take two tiger prawn shrimp and puree them with about a teaspoon of cocktail sauce...ahh, seafood heaven!! For those that don't know me well, seafood is my absolute favorite food.

Next I got a big burst of flavor from Progresso Soup's Chicken Tuscany with a teaspoon of sour cream. The soup was rich and bursting with flavor. I know some of you will say "yuck" to my nect favorite, but I have been eating sardines every day; no bones of course. They are very flavorful and I do absolutely nothing to them; I eat them right out of the can! Last but not least are refried beans with a tablespoon of queso cheese or chili with a tablespoon of queso both run through the blender of course; each of these taste like nacho dip...yum!

Flavor is the key! I grew up in a household where my Mom cooked with a lot of spices. Food was always well seasoned, so bland food jsut doesn't work for me. My mission is to create and eat things that are full of flavor and that resemble dishes I loved in the past. I am really going to work on taking the focus away from how much I am eating and turn it to what I am eating in terms of how it is prepared and seasoned. After all, it's all about the flavor!!...til next time


  1. Great post Tracy. I'm so glad you are doing better. Love the idea of making what you can eat as flavorful as possible. It makes sence! Keep up the fabulous work and hang in there. You're awesome!

    1. OOOPS ...spelled sense wrong!

  2. Ummmm....yummy...except the blending part. LOL

  3. I loved making "enchalada casserole" without the tortillas. I would make it right in the 1/2 cup measuring cup. A layer of non fat refried beans on the bottom, 1 layer of ground turkey (cooked with water so it is soft), 1 tsp of enchalada sauce, cover with 1/2 tsp of shredded cheese. Heat in microwave for about 15 seconds. It was BLISS for me during the mushy food stage. If you have a moment sometime, and you read my blog back far enough, you will see I was in HELL after the surgery for about 6 weeks but it got sooo much better and it will for you too!

    - Lisa

  4. Lisa, that recipe sounds really good and I will be trying it next week when I start my soft diet! Going over to read your blog now :-).

  5. Great mind set. All about flavor---Sooo right. Happy, happy you're feeling better. Love you. Mom

  6. Hi Tracy, This is great news. I am SO glad to hear that you're making such wonderful progress and feeling much better. Good flavors to you, good eating to you and continued happiness as you embrace your new discoveries as your creative juices flow and you achieve your goals. God bless & God speed....prayers are up for you dear niece always and with all my love. Auntie, Helen