Weight Loss Stats and Measurements

This is a record of my weight loss (W) and inches lost (I) post-op:

Starting weight before surgery: 322.0 lb. Prior to surgery I lost 22lbs.

Weight on day of surgery: 300.0 lb

Starting weight after surgery: 312.0 (often times you will gain weight while in the hospital due to i.v. fluids and gas pumped into the abdomen.)

Total weight loss to date is 74.3 pounds, which includes 10lbs lost pre-op. The record below is of post-op weight loss only.

Month 1 (Jan. 2012)~ -30lbs lost (W), Did not take measurements at this point.

Month 2 (Feb. 2012)~ -10.2lbs lost (W), -16 inches lost total from arms, bust, hips, waist, thighs and neck (I)

Friday, June 29, 2012

I am still here and doing well!

Hi all! I know I have been MIA but I have been so busy living life and getting back to Grad school after taking the Winter semester off to have the VSG. I am happy to report that I have lost 92.8 pounds as of this morning...almost to 100lbs lost! I am truly amazed at how my body has changed. I went through weight loss hell during the month of May as I was stalled for an entire month!! I literally wanted to blow up my scale and I promise you I am not a violent person, LOL! There were even a few days during the stall that I was near tears thinking my weight loss was over...now I realize how ridiculous my thoughts were, but it really wasn't helping that I was weighing myself everyday.

I am eating normally and averaging anywhere between 800 and 900 calories per day, which consists of about 75-80grams of protein and between 40-60 carbs. I struggle with water/fluid intake but I always try to get in at least 64 ounces per day. I am able to eat out if I like, but I am very picky with what I choose from the menu. Seafood is my go to choice when eating out. Salmon is now one of my favorite sources of protein. Very rarely do I wish I could eat more at one sitting, but I honestly think that the feeling comes from my old way of thinking as I am not hungry when the feeling emerges so I am happy to have my sleeve back me up during those rare moments.

Overall, I am doing well and feel blessed that I was able to have this surgery! Til next time...

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