Weight Loss Stats and Measurements

This is a record of my weight loss (W) and inches lost (I) post-op:

Starting weight before surgery: 322.0 lb. Prior to surgery I lost 22lbs.

Weight on day of surgery: 300.0 lb

Starting weight after surgery: 312.0 (often times you will gain weight while in the hospital due to i.v. fluids and gas pumped into the abdomen.)

Total weight loss to date is 74.3 pounds, which includes 10lbs lost pre-op. The record below is of post-op weight loss only.

Month 1 (Jan. 2012)~ -30lbs lost (W), Did not take measurements at this point.

Month 2 (Feb. 2012)~ -10.2lbs lost (W), -16 inches lost total from arms, bust, hips, waist, thighs and neck (I)

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Things have been quite exciting since my last post!  I finally understand why there are many people "addicted" to shopping...let me explain.  I have never liked shopping for clothing.  Shopping was an exercise in futility and I absolutely shopped out of necessity.  I really had no understanding of my girlfriends who loved looking at clothes and shoes or why they enjoyed trying things on for hours.  I loathed shopping because for me the things to choose from were VERY limited.  I was confined to shopping in plus size stores and I had gotten to the point where I couldn't even shop in the more fashionable plus size stores because the way I am proportioned I could never find tops that would fit comfortably over my large arms. I could only shop at Catherine's for tops. Why window shop and look at the latest fashions when I couldn't wear them?  I am happy to say that my outlook has changed!

I have lost 50.2lbs to date and it was getting to the point that my clothes were hanging off of me because they were too big.  I kept procrastinating about going clothes shopping and after exploring why I was hesitating I realized that I was fearful of what my experience would be.  I know that sounds silly, but you have to remember that shopping was NEVER fun for me and was always a chore.  I would be frustrated and hot trying on item after item that did not fit.  I would often take 10 items into the dressing room and come out with nothing...talk about depressing!!  Well, I sucked it up and went shopping by myself and boy oh boy did I have a blast!!  I was sore for 2 days after my shopping trip as I shopped for almost 4 hours!

I was happy to discover that I had dropped from a size 26/28 in jeans to a size 22 and from a 4x in yoga style pants to a 1x!!  I dropped from a 5x in a zip up jacket to a 1x jacket and I can now wear 2x and 1x tops where I used to wear a 4x to fit across my bust and around my arms.  I actually thought something was wrong with the original pair of yoga pants I was trying on because I couldn't fathom dropping to a 1x, which I have actually never worn because I skipped from wearing regular sizes to a 2x in my last year of high school.  Well, once I realized that I could fit these new sizes I started crying in the dressing room.  My brain went crazy and I started thinking of all of the places I could now shop for clothes (can you say...shopping addict in the making, LOL).  I left Catherine's Plus Size store and went to Target where I recalled that last summer I tried to buy a 4x top from there and I couldn't even get it over my head.  I am happy to say that I left Target with 3 new tops and 2 new pair of capris!!  I have since been to so many other stores it isn't even funny.  This shopping experience was a major positive milestone for me, MAJOR!!

My other wonderful experience and milestone was when I reached 50lbs lost as of today.  I have lost 50lbs before and I obviously gained it back or else I wouldn't be here having lost it again.  However there are differences this time.  First and foremost, I am not starving or feeling deprived.  This is huge as I always dieted before while hanging on by the skin of my teeth.  I am full and fulfilled when I go to bed at night.  Secondly, I have and will continue to use this journey as a chance to get to know myself.  I have never put myself first or thought myself worthy of the attention that I have been giving myself these last few weeks.  I now realize that I deserve to be happy and not living behind the big wall of obesity.  Being overweight has robbed me of so many experiences and I have finally made the choice to work on claiming my life back and living it to the fullest.  I hate that I wasted so many years being sad about this and mad about that.  My new motto is "LOVE LIFE"!!  Here's to milestones, a happy life and introspection!! Check out my recent photos...Til Next Time!


  1. Whew, all I can say is: SEXY, SEXY, SEXY....Look out Mario...and GO GIRL! Great Job Tracy, You look wonderful. Keep healthy and happy and enjoy your journey. You've got a lot of support and I'm your biggest fan. I Love You and God Bless & Speed! Yr. Aunt, Helen

  2. I love your blog! I am very similar to you in circumstances, tastes, etc. and I am just starting this WL journey! Best of luck and continued success and I look forward to reading about your victories!

  3. Congratulations! You deserve to LOVE shopping! I shop from the computer, and stopped going to stores years ago. It's sad. I am considering getting a sleeve gastrectomy. What type of surgery did you get? If you don't mind, could you email me and tell me a bit about it? I'm 57 years old, and need knee replacements, too. I don't know which to do first! Can you tell me what you think wouuld work best? I don't think I can do a gastric bypass, but maybe...just never have been able to go do it. Thanks so much, and again, congratulations! dinobomp@gmail.com

  4. I just found your blog... I had a lapband installed in March of 2010, I got 1/2 way through my journey and now I am working at being revised to the Gastric Bypass to get the rest of the way to goal. I am happy to be a new follower. *Maria*~DiZneDiVa:Blogger from "This One Time at Band Camp... 1 vs 300" Follow my journey at mybigfatbandgeeklife.blogspot.com